Let’s gather our children near. Introduce them to the truth of who they are and are called to become. Affirm them with the words you received since their conceptions that they may make a boast of the name of Jesus. Disciple the little ones in faith, hope and love, teaching them through the gospel of Christ so they can spread the good news with all that they are in the body.

Our little one needs to be nurtured in such a way that they are able to hear and listen to our words spoken in truth. We prayer as parents that we keep Your words within our homes so that they live within our children as they grow so they know your call. Let them be obedient to us as in the promise. Let us not be clouded by goals of selfish ambition but lead them towards Your will.

May our houses be filled with your words, with songs and hymns onto You. We ask for Your grace to be present in their lives and that they are corrected by You because of Your love. Let them do good deeds that is pleasing in Your sight.

Jesus, I ask that You do a work in me so that my wife and I too may obey your words. Let us be a good example onto them in both words, and deeds of a union that pleases you. Sanctify us onto You so that we may remain in You. Humbly allow them to be salt and light onto others with a gentleness only You can offer.

Parents, let set aside time to gather, in the time that seems to move quickly as the grow. Let us gather with others in You so that we may become like minded. We thank you for Your love and kindness in the name of Jesus.


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