10 Questions like a child.

Some of the most used question from a child are Why/What/How/When/Who …… Starts by asking like children!

What does it mean to be One?

Should we be concerned when children are unable to express joy?

Do all things in our world pass through some form of darkness to become light?

What does it mean to have a will?

If parents are divided what becomes of the things they produce?

Should a society be dynamic or should it be in the constraints of law?

Do words hold the power to create or destroy our worlds. Is their only one or are there many?

What is a medium; water, air, soil, our souls?

Can you truly change the mind of another, or better question, does access have to be granted by our hearts first?

Expected hope

Kidstrive to know the path to understanding.

Note: please seek help if you see warning signs in children.


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