What should be maintained.

During the current challenges we face, its important that we use this opportunity to take a close look at the things that matter or should matter.

  • Scheduling family devotions to praise, introduce, guide, know and connect with our Heavenly Father.
  • The importance of connecting and supporting others through their challenges in and around our communities.
  • Keeping a schedule that includes getting dressed and groomed especially now that you’re at home. This should benefit the mindset for all, and essential for teens and children. Environments can play a critical role in knowing what we should be doing. It can be challenging for some to do work or rather do work effectively where they recline. Creating a routine of tiding the assigned space after an activity can be the most challenging but the benefits can be tremendous to getting any of this done.
  • The awareness of time is just as critical as space. Creating a schedule for kids is of high importance along with synchronizing lunches with yours and siblings wherever possible. This would mean maintaining bedtimes as well as the time they should rise daily. I don’t believe the consequences is worth mentioning for those with little ones. It’s fairly simple our minds and our bodies need rest.
  • …. Shorts


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