New Parent Teacher

Our children are little versions of ourselves waiting to be molded. Keeping them engaged and performing as active members of the family can be a challenge. Here are a few suggestions as the time passes in the current state of affairs:

  • Keep a running schedule that includes active participation in and around the home.
  • Include meeting times on the weekend to keep our children and the family connected. Teaching, sharing and discussing scriptures is a great way to introduce the Word and a deeper understanding about the why, the how, where and Who our Heavenly Father was, is and is to come. They would love to go deeper into the countless examples of his awesome, wonder working power.
  • Deploying our children on task will come by identifying their gifts and introducing them to a new task through ”I do you do”.
  • Demonstration can prove to be a critical step as some may wrestle with proving they are capable. Take small steps to ensure a product or outcome they can be pleased with. Your timed enthusiasm, loving care, along with offering understanding could be just the things to get them to want to repeat and expand the task.
  • Give instruction at an appointed time, free or with minimal distraction to you.

…. Shorts


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