How to teach moving forward.

How are we to solve the ever changing landscape of the classroom and how kids learns. The script needs to be rewritten now.

The speed of information, it’s constant presence, rise of google and technology that has become an extension of us in the cell phone.

Despite access to a wealth of information our kids are denying anything they are not able to see. There are kids out there that don’t believe the moon landing, D-day, and they believe the earth is flat. Some have become so addicted to consumption that they only believe fiction because reality is boring and filled with rules.

This insight may give you the impression that kids with that view don’t want to learn, not true. These kids are desperate to know the truth in a language they understand.

So how should we teach? Teach to and for their understanding. This is the only way to reach a generation that can find information relatively close to the speed of thought but yet not interested in the truth. Any concept should first be attached to a foundation. This foundation must be sturdy enough to bare the weight of the new information. This may pose a problem so you may have to go back to move forward in more complex concepts.

Start the conversation with a statement grounded in truth that can wow the child.

Look for the child to lean in and be engaged. To accomplish this you must be knowledgeable of various tangible ways the concepts can be seen or interacted.

This knowledge should be understood so well that you should be able to translate down to a 1st grade or kindergarten level at anytime.

Look for any question that they may have on the topic and be ready to answer because the more you miss on the ability to answer their questions. Yes even if it sounds slightly off track. The thought they came up with and asked is possibly attempting to harness itself to the idea you presented. The mind is a minefield, literally anything you step on can explode and you loose the opportunity to connect.

Quickly disarm, pivot or use the thought appeared.

Ask connecting question that can be easy to be deduced and allow them to answer.

Celebrate her connection because anything they don’t know well but able to solve. This serves as a small win and gives a tremendous boost to their confidence.

Be animated, based on the kids level of distraction, yes some may call for Mary popping and Mr Rogers level of wonder. Knowledge flows on a river of Wonder leads to the sea of Understanding.

This will need technology possible to serve as support. The teacher must serve as the captain on board, filled with creativity and with every breath speaking to the weakest swimmer so no soul is lost on the journey.

This call for a level of care for all the students with the need for a favorite student because they follow instructions easily. Use these kids in partnership with the easily bored to serve and assist.

Establish the environment where tough questions are allowed without reverting to go look it up because they won’t for the most part. Your chance is now!

Stay with a few concrete takeaways that they can leave the room with the concepts.

This is only a brief look at how to pull this off consistently with a group.

Essentially this is what it means to become a master teacher by teaching and adjusting your delivery to capture the least and challenge the sharpest on the material.

Kidstrive to be taught starting wherever the are currently.

#how to teach when information is easier than ever to access


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