Connecting with the learning difference. We need a new approach to teach differently.

To the teacher that sees a learning difference as a challenge and not a delay.

I can only imagine what it’s like teaching and lesson planning for a classroom of 20 or more students. With limited time, limited resources and limited you. Hopefully I can speak to the challenges of reaching the many without leaving the one within the class period. The more these problems are looked at it can be concluded that even if the warm bodies were available it may still come up void.

Here are few ideas:

  • Designate a portion of time for operating in a supportive manner like a kindergarten teacher must.
  • Keep in mind that there are two general approaches to some or most kids with learning differences. 1 Avoidance with an invisibility cloak at all cost. 2 Avoidance with an applied stiff arm technique that typically becomes mastered by the end of middle school. These techniques along with others can sometimes ensure avoidance by some teachers.
  • Awareness – pIt can feel like many of the behaviors seem self imposed and eventually becomes that. Every child wants more for themselves it’s more likely akin to a language translation problem where it becomes almost impossible to anticipate their needs. The consequences associated with lack of self advocacy for their education can be one of the most costly decision a teen can make.
  • Some additional creativity is needed by State representatives and administration to come up improved management solutions for this immense challenge. The teacher job openings and coverage gaps seems only solvable by redefining the teacher and administrative role to an interactive operational role like an air traffic controller or nurse. Solutions in AI support monitor systems may be a valid approach.
  • Immediate feedback responses are impossible for as little as 10 students and the irony is that our children need exactly that to maintain engagement.
  • Our children live in a digitally interactive world and the video game industry capitalizes on these techniques in mostly negative ways. Television and interactive media has mastered the ability to keep eyes glued.
  • These advances may have the additional benefit of drawing additional skill sets to the education industry.
  • Parents Teachers also need our assistance in teaching at home. Supplementing the workload. The only way to solve some of these challenges is by a unified approach. Contact your State Reps

Thinking and acting aloud to support change for our Teachers and more importantly the children who carry a gift on the inside for a problem in our world. Please hear the cry’s of a father’s heart to our nation.

Kidstrive to be pointed in the direction they should go, and shot off into their destiny with purpose!

#Life of the child is the most valuable treasure of the future we are obligated to cultivate and protect.


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