What do children worry about?

Should we as parents surrender our battles so we can approach our kids after cleaning ourselves and showing ourselves as strong. Now you’re ready to explain what matters here and why this is not what we do?

Why am I so anxious?

Do they even care that I am here, I’m sure no one even see me?

Why can’t I stay still.

I just want to play my games so I don’t have to think about it.

Maybe I can get a job so I can help, maybe they won’t argue so much?

This is not normal, I like Billy’s house.

Billy does not know what he has…

I love my parents so much.

All they care about is SAT scores?

Maybe if I eat a little less?

Tell it to me straight, they always think I don’t know anything.

They are always measuring me against him.

I love him and I don’t care what they think. They never cared before.

These words and many others are not for you parents, it’s only the temporary affects of the waves. The sea only seems choppy and the ships out of control when the crew needs to know the direction. Set a course to the North Star for your family and give them there roles and speak life into the function. They are only awaiting instruction to do their part.

Call on your allies and surrender only the fear to one. A cost has been paid for the opportunity to sail and this family sails. Ever one needs to become partners as you grow. The roots are strong and this tree is beautiful, has no holes and bears fruits with riches built in. Draw your family in close when the storms arrive. You have all you need with oxygen to spare in the atmosphere your unit created.

Thank you for reading. Kidstrive to know, who, what, why, when and where?


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