One parent’s wish!

I wish:

I had more time to give my child all they need to be their very best.

More pep talks in the morning.

I could have a family prayer and huddle before we start our day.

They could get along with their siblings.

More moments alone to answer their hardest questions.

I am able to answer the ones I have no answer.

They had a relationship with their grandparents.

For a loving relationship with their Mom or Dad.

The provision to give them additional activities.

For a family vacation that last at least 7days.

I could do more for them.

I did not have to work so late.

Parents we truly need to know that we are enough and if your reading this, you spare no effort and leave no stone overturned.

Your presence is more valuable that you may every know. Stay present as long as there is breath in your lungs, stay vigilant everyday, stay humbled to know that you don’t know everything and can use some help. Keep praying for grace to keep them, hope for tomorrow and thankful for the opportunity.

They may not have the words nor the understanding to say: I appreciate you kissing me at night, I love when you make me hot chocolate with marshmallows, and help me with my home work when I thought I would never get it.

They will!

Thank you for reading. Kidstrive to have a home!

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