Who steered you? What were your influences? Whose opinion is valid and relevant? Are there parts of you that wants to go it’s own way? Steering ourselves can be difficult, so imagine if your child is …Sterring How exactly do we improve, is it consistent repetition or the love of learning or receiving reproach with … Continue reading Sterring

Agents of you

Your little ones character is a major aspect of who they are, so what do others say about you. Can our character go before us. Yes, none of us are perfect but character is something that presents as the default. They are almost, if not impossible to hide character. Our children are living in a … Continue reading Agents of you

Inside the mind, connected to the heart

The thoughts of a man is a battle ground. Wars begin and end there! I am not sure when it exactly happened but there is sense of surrender that a man has to acquire to stay present and focused on the things that matter. I am not sure when the journey of becoming starts but … Continue reading Inside the mind, connected to the heart

Serving another

Can serving others keep us from the things that makes us ill? Serving another with determined focus has a weird way of taking us to a place of deep focus where time stands still for a moment and the reward is in completion. This is not easy to achieve is you mind is elsewhere. Those … Continue reading Serving another

Hope, faith and love

Human made in His image. Body, soul and spirit all working as one to form who we are. When does a child become anxious? Feelings of falling and grasping for air during one of the stages of sleep. Clinging to a parent as though one might be snatched away, watching or hearing stories about the … Continue reading Hope, faith and love