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Who steered you? What were your influences? Whose opinion is valid and relevant? Are there parts of you that wants to go it’s own way? Steering ourselves can be difficult, so imagine if your child is … Sterring How exactly do we improve, is it consistent repetition or the love of learning or receiving reproach […]

Do not forsake

Please do not forsake teaching and instructing our children. Passing the word of God to our children, making sure that it is on our lips and fills our home is the best thing we can do for our little ones. There is life and hope in the word. Jesus you are our source.

Thank you.

To the people that continually read the post and those who stumbled upon one of them. To the parent who feel alone in the raising of their children. To the child that feels lost and alone in their pursuit. To the believer that needs to be encouraged. Do not give up on the little ones […]

How do we parent?

Are we the same? Will we see things the same way? Are we saying the same things just differently. I have prayed, sought council, explained and discussed approaches to parenting. Much of the things we can agree on, and others we see differently. Things like allowing a child to miss school due to illness, purchase […]

As a Dad

My hope is to be gentle. The children and child that I love that I must discipline at times. I pray for understanding to teach and instruct the truth about Christ. Help me be self controlled in all things in order that my words and deeds demonstrate the love of Christ. My wife to whom […]


How do we take the lowly place when the one your trying to reach is at a low place in desperate need of a friend. This is a word used so loosely when it’s depth is not measurable. Kindness maybe best demonstrated when you believe the other is not worthy of it. Giving such kindness […]


How do you shoot an arrow? The bow, should be stable in its frame but not so hard that it’s unable to bend. I would like to know that it shot a few arrows successfully before at varying distances. I imagine that the tools be synergistic in the unified mission assigned with a readiness. The […]