Heavenly Father help my unbelief. Jesus you are the head of my home and my life that I surrender only to you and your will. Help control and cast away any desire that is within me for your position, to lead, protect, provide, defend, and cover. Let me not covet the things that belongs to... Continue Reading →

Play or work first? How to avoid a sore throat!

Well this can be a tough one for parents especially when kids have had a long grueling week. Our children are master negotiators so watch out for the charm. Cognitively it is not easy for a child to go from watching tv and playing video games so it’s work first for sure. Executive management skills... Continue Reading →

Songs lyrics a family should discuss. Why are they so powerful?

Some songs to read and discuss with your family even if the music does not move you. First see why your logic of your choice may not be sound but they are your responsibility to love and raisehow you see fit. Parents please consider the intensity of messages that comes at our children. No one... Continue Reading →

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