Blueprints on how to build a home to completion through, knowledge, understanding amd wisdom.

What are the first principles you should put in place in order to build a home.

Warning about drugs and substance abuse.

Your body houses your future in it. Everything prepared in advance. So protect it and stay firm on your values. Even the ones others deem silly! Friendships are done in close quarters across long journeys. Be identified by your joy and fixed in your beliefs, humble in the presence of those truly in need but... Continue Reading →

Calming a child. Well, as much as they will allow.

Sometimes, just like a grown up, children just want to express the sorrow they feel. This can be as natural as breathing for some and difficulty for others. These are only my thought and what has worked for me. In an emergency situation, call 911 or other associated health services. Acknowledge the pain. If the... Continue Reading →

Help Your Child Manage Traumatic Events

Parents should decide how much information their children can handle. ADAA member Aureen Wagner, PhD, Director of The Anxiety Wellness Center in Cary, North Carolina, offers this recommendation for parents: Remain as calm as possible; watch and listen to your child to understand how upset he or she is. Explain a traumatic event as accurately... Continue Reading →

Kids dealing with trauma

Parent and adult support network should be vigilant about how kids are coping with traumatic events Give age appropriate information in a manner suitable for the child’s age and understanding. Manage specific times to speak to trauma the family is dealing with, it should be a time carved out for discussion. This may possibly help... Continue Reading →

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