Proverb for children and parents on parenting.

What are parents good for in these times. Create a spot for love to exist!

Play or work first? How to avoid a sore throat!

Well this can be a tough one for parents especially when kids have had a long grueling week. Our children are master negotiators so watch out for the charm. Cognitively it is not easy for a child to go from watching tv and playing video games so it’s work first for sure. Executive management skills... Continue Reading →

Help Your Child Manage Traumatic Events

Parents should decide how much information their children can handle. ADAA member Aureen Wagner, PhD, Director of The Anxiety Wellness Center in Cary, North Carolina, offers this recommendation for parents: Remain as calm as possible; watch and listen to your child to understand how upset he or she is. Explain a traumatic event as accurately... Continue Reading →

Back to school, meet the teacher.

http://Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash Encourage your kids to make eye contact and handshake as the meet their new teachers. Teacher please express a rough idea of how you plan to get the kids to their goals. Teaching styles and areas of emphasis. Parents make sure to meet all the teachers. Express support and... Continue Reading →

Concrete ways to build the family on a rock solid foundation. Ultimately too precious for anything less.

This is not an all encompassing list. These can be contrary to what the world at large thinks, but I strongly believe there are not many alternatives approaches to delivering truths for kids beyond firm belief. Therefore, many if not all of these beliefs or something bearing semblance should be established before your kids materialize... Continue Reading →

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