Shooting Arrows (updated)

Children carry our DNA and that’s not even the half of it. What they carry in essence are an essential part of what it means to be human! Kidstrive to honor their parents and serve their purpose by perpetual proliferation of the love they received multiplied.

What should never be done in anger.

Retelling or discussing pain. Correction of a loved one, better yet anyone. Telling her how much it hurts. Asking for forgiveness for a part or a charter she don’t know she played when you never addressed the internal struggle. Asking for help. When expecting tremendous blessing to be poured out. Telling a child how much... Continue Reading →

Warning about drugs and substance abuse.

Your body houses your future in it. Everything prepared in advance. So protect it and stay firm on your values. Even the ones others deem silly! Friendships are done in close quarters across long journeys. Be identified by your joy and fixed in your beliefs, humble in the presence of those truly in need but... Continue Reading →

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