Readying for flight

Walking through the forest of life, putting order to things and creating a spot. The elements placed strategically to promote endurance, courage and purpose through the onslaught of tests.

The journey filled with love and laughter, sorrow and pain. We are to be thankful in the midst because this is the energy necessary to draw a helper, partner, friend to partner on this mission. This mission to fulfill the purpose planted on the inside like seed. This precious seed needing fertile soil to grow. Only thing is that this soil starts in the mind. Keeping it cleaned, toiled, renewed and overflowing with knowledge and understanding.

The mind if fertile will allow for access to the place of living waters for the roots to access. The heart or subconscious mind developed by the repeated toil applied to its ground. Constantly renewing and becoming as it fills the heart with the right desires. Character formed by the actions that give access to deeper things. The things that can only be measured by our Heavenly Father. The currency of these things cannot be contained or packaged by man, it cannot be bought or sold. These are the things that are measured in reward like, love, kindness, self control, peace, gentleness, brotherly love and joy. We have no way of splitting these things lower than this element form.

The heart in this state can discern purpose and therefore who is most suitable partner with on the journey. The beauty and attributes of this partner should be clear and easily condensed into who they are and becoming. It should be in the way they treat others and in their relationship with the Source. The light shining bright from deep within until expressed in the outwardly.

The merger of these two souls into one can only be done with a clearly defined center and strength. This relationship based in one of mutual genuine love along with respect and willingness to die for another. The journey not based on self-centered things that will soon perish.

Growth and expression of this love manifested in legacy of anything that is not completed in this life will be done in the other you pour love into. The growth and direction of this love built on foundation as they are readied to go out into the world. Built up with affirmations and direction, fortified in their courage and belief readied for flight. Flight that is guaranteed to be filled with precision after countless preparation as they go out to be poured out in service. Who do we learn from as we prepare? All glory to the One who gives grace and mercy.

Kidstrive to grow in the presence of love demonstrated.

One method to get our kids attention and imagination.

http://Photo by Ace Vu on Unsplash

I bet I can teach you anything.

Tell a story! The receptiveness is exponentially magnified.

Make up a story about a topic you understand well.

Add motion to your story. Movement is hard to resist once you have their attention.

Commit to demonstrating a measure of silliness when necessary

When telling the story, fluctuate your voice as needed for the characters or based on topic.

Keep engagement high by placing timed responses based on an action or word cue.

Note engagement and pivot story as needed.

Minimize the dark undertones such as rotten, disgusting or vulgar speech. There is a change it may be necessary based on the audience. (Be Responsible)

Have them tell you about the story and what the think it means in relation to the lesson.

Allow them to come up with their own to explain a complex process, procedure or fact.

This can be expanded or retracted based on your goofiness meter but the more you let go the more effective the kids will remember the message. Good luck!