Back to school, meet the teacher.

http://Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash Encourage your kids to make eye contact and handshake as the meet their new teachers. Teacher please express a rough idea of how you plan to get the kids to their goals. Teaching styles and areas of emphasis. Parents make sure to meet all the teachers. Express support and... Continue Reading →

An Analogy between raising kids and dribbling a soccer ball towards the goal.

Negative Principalities / forces tends to rise up in the environment causing children to go against parents will. Like dribbling a soccer ⚽️ ball down the field, it takes a series of gentle taps at first until you as a parent develop the skill to control with bigger taps. The communication between other committed leaders/mentors... Continue Reading →

Resources for parents looking with kids with ADHD and other learning differences. Here are some common challenges kids, parents and teachers routinely have a had time managing. (Impulsive behavior, Incomplete homework, Inconsistent focus) Parents should gather as much information on the best accommodations for their child's needs during the school year. Teacher input is also a must to get a better understanding about some of... Continue Reading →

At Home Routines in order for kids to have a good day!

A prosperous day starts with the evening and night before.... Evening Make sure you have a set routine. Allow time for rest right after school. This should consist of things that excite the child, like play/ independent play and TV time if desired. Make sure this scheduled time if consistent for the child. For example,... Continue Reading →

3 methods you can use to teach new concept to kids

Tell a story using characters while tying imagery to locations on their body. An example would be - The seasons of the year associated with their fingers and a butterfly's journey across the seasons represented by your thumb. Winter would be your short pinky finger where the butterfly saw white on the ground. Spring would... Continue Reading →

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