Development – can we play a role that we can change today.

Hope for our children! You are not alone, nor are you strong enough on your own. Recognizing this and seeking the answers is the beginning of wisdom.

Songs lyrics a family should discuss. Why are they so powerful?

Some songs to read and discuss with your family even if the music does not move you. First see why your logic of your choice may not be sound but they are your responsibility to love and raisehow you see fit. Parents please consider the intensity of messages that comes at our children. No one... Continue Reading →

Concrete ways to build the family on a rock solid foundation. Ultimately too precious for anything less.

This is not an all encompassing list. These can be contrary to what the world at large thinks, but I strongly believe there are not many alternatives approaches to delivering truths for kids beyond firm belief. Therefore, many if not all of these beliefs or something bearing semblance should be established before your kids materialize... Continue Reading →

3 methods you can use to teach new concept to kids

Tell a story using characters while tying imagery to locations on their body. An example would be - The seasons of the year associated with their fingers and a butterfly's journey across the seasons represented by your thumb. Winter would be your short pinky finger where the butterfly saw white on the ground. Spring would... Continue Reading →

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