How to avoid anger as men? What should we do as Dad’s and Husbands given the roles we have been assigned.

So many questions? How do I consistently be gentle with the ones I love, treating them with gentleness and humility as I would a neighbor, client, friend, colleague. Am I even gentle there? How do I become a peacemaker in every situation and in all aspects of my life. Does it start with me striving... Continue Reading →

Releasing the trapped genius! How to get a child in the process of flow leading to true mastery.

Praise - Get understanding about what praise they respond to best. Any praise that stimulates the senses may be enough but if your child has difficulty with focus more maybe needed along with multi sense activation. For example, one kid, saying a timely but simple “good job or nice work.” In fact it can serve... Continue Reading →

Activities a family must find time to do together

Meal time - Breakfast, lunch and dinner without the intrusion of digital devices. Apply routines that would allow the kids telling a story or expressing a gift that they might have. Example: Singing, Dancing, Math Equation they are able to solve and explain, story telling, rapping, silent expression. All ages (Including Grandparents if possible) Planting... Continue Reading →

An Analogy between raising kids and dribbling a soccer ball towards the goal.

Negative Principalities / forces tends to rise up in the environment causing children to go against parents will. Like dribbling a soccer ⚽️ ball down the field, it takes a series of gentle taps at first until you as a parent develop the skill to control with bigger taps. The communication between other committed leaders/mentors... Continue Reading →

3 methods you can use to teach new concept to kids

Tell a story using characters while tying imagery to locations on their body. An example would be - The seasons of the year associated with their fingers and a butterfly's journey across the seasons represented by your thumb. Winter would be your short pinky finger where the butterfly saw white on the ground. Spring would... Continue Reading →

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