Teens who want to babysit.

There are plenty of sites that list the things to do to get business if you want to start babysitting. I thought I would create a short list of things for you to become a baby sitter or better. Courses and Certs - First aid, CPR, BLS, recent background check if necessary depending on age,... Continue Reading →

Who are the children

Children are the living Legacy of 10000+ before them.. They are the most precious on the planet with the greatest potential energy. Children born into the information have access to more information that those who have come before them. We must give them our time for what they carry on the the inside to manifest.... Continue Reading →

At Home Routines in order for kids to have a good day!

A prosperous day starts with the evening and night before.... Evening Make sure you have a set routine. Allow time for rest right after school. This should consist of things that excite the child, like play/ independent play and TV time if desired. Make sure this scheduled time if consistent for the child. For example,... Continue Reading →

3 methods you can use to teach new concept to kids

Tell a story using characters while tying imagery to locations on their body. An example would be - The seasons of the year associated with their fingers and a butterfly's journey across the seasons represented by your thumb. Winter would be your short pinky finger where the butterfly saw white on the ground. Spring would... Continue Reading →

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