Hope, faith and love

Human made in His image. Body, soul and spirit all working as one to form who we are. When does a child become anxious? Feelings of falling and grasping for air during one of the stages of sleep. Clinging to a parent as though one might me snatched away, watching or hearing stories about the dark and allowing curiosity to lead to seek out more when it is clear it scares you. Hearing and repeating words that are dark against ourselves and the ones we love. It seems it takes us away from the truth and down a path we sometimes need help to come back. Proving that we should not be alone and surrounded in covenant relationships. The hope is that our parents are able to discern these challenges if they appear or as they appear. Teaching the laws in the book because in them there is life as scripture says. Taking our children away from the things we were exposed too is a dangerous experiment. Sunday school and church, praying every night, giving thanks for the food we eat, serving one another and keeping his words throughout our homes and on our lips. Seeking far off cultures for answers and applying those as replacement because the world normalized it. I don’t want to even hint I understand these things but I know how heartbreaking it is to see a child struggling and don’t know how to help ground the child. Jesus explains us best.

I look at the world having spent many years studying science, this amazing tradition of observing the world and documenting it for another to replicate. It does not have the affect of making me question who God is because his words tell me. I am so humbled when I look out on water which is made of two parts hydrogen, the primary element in the sun and oxygen the element that efficiently empowers my blood that holds life. I am deeply humbled by these things as I watch the rains comes down the mountains and through the land purging it and heading towards the sea. Looking deeper at these simple elements amd watching them combine in us as well as on the earth, from the cleansing work through hydrogen peroxide h2o2. Hydrogen, really makes up 75% of the sun? Creating surface temperatures at ~10000 degrees, coincidently similar to the core of our earth that has a similar temperature. All neighbors planets not suitable for life but this 3rd plant protected by O3/ozone that help protects us along with the magnetic field. Gravity pulling the oxygen near so we can breathe the very breath you just took while reading this… and another… I only see a loving God who thought of all these things and spoke them into existence. Only thankfulness and awestruck praise I should have when all things including the stars still praise His work now and forever. My simple understanding can never compare to his thoughts so all questions if I have any comes with joy and wonder like a child wrapped in respect, honor and humility.

May God continue to bless our beautiful nation. Kidstrive hope is to move families towards wholeness.

Becoming a bow

Parents, how many of you want the best for your children? That’s an easy question for most, possibly answered with a short three letter word. Scriptures’ direction for parents are numerous and written with reference to arrows but with emphasis on us being better first. Better in our relation with our Heavenly Father and our neighbors/people alike.

I am no archer but I have shot a few arrows mostly in a range setting. Grabbing the bow and arrow felt awkward for me at first possibly because I am left handed but more so due to lack of understanding. Compound bows, recurved bows, long bows and crossbows. In my thinking of bows and what they can do the crossbows and compound bows appear to shot the arrow the furthest. I attribute this speed and distance it shoots its arrows, in relation to the range of skills a parent might need to help a child cover the greatest distance with speed and accuracy. As parents, we sometimes have to add to our knowledge if we want to engage in some passions our children present. Being thankful for a child’s gift is easily praise worthy for most but as they moves through to higher levels our knowledge sometimes need to be expanded to keep engagement high. Council and selected advisors appear to be essential when going to battle especially the unknown. The arrow must be prepared, able to stand as an agent with all the foundational principles and values that forge the unshakable character that’s necessary.

When a child prefers to be a bit more cautious possibly timid, we know to not let them stray to far from us. In addition if the child is daring before having mastered self control. I equate a long bow as the more appropriate type of parenting style. Quick draw to shoot but more likely for shorter distances. Pointing our children to new skills and attributes that can be developed and implemented quickly for practice. Easily within our sites for support and correction when needed. This does not mean the child is any less capable, it just means they may still need the parent for some executive functioning skills, distractibility from mission by the wind along with possible hands-on type resources. The recurve bow may be the next step up from the long bow when slightly larger goals are in sight but more polish still would be beneficial before full agency.

Knowing which bow you are currently and strengthen yourself as the bow is essential. Both parents unified in their efforts will be better equipped to know which bow is best as compared to the additional challenge with division. There is only so much we can do as parent and it’s just as important to know when additional support is necessary. Our circle needs to be tight in their understanding of the role each plays in a child’s life compared to another. Making sure to extend our tolerances for each other as they bring their unique individual gifts and talents.

As the word notes love is the greatest.

It’s difficult to know exactly where our children will be in the future but there is hope; it allows us to dream good dreams for our children until they receive the vision we can support. One thing worth noting that for most, the gifts that a child hold appears first to parents even before the child recognizes it and we are tasked with nurturing and developing them whether it’s many or just one. How far can we bend our bow’s appears to be an important piece in preparation for purpose, both us and them.

Kidstrive to fly like arrows

Blueprints on how to build a home to completion through, knowledge, understanding amd wisdom.

Attached to the source in order to yield good fruit.

How can we find the one to partner with in building a home on firm foundation? Although it may be important, it is not enough to place your faith on the ability to provide. Despite what society tells us it may be shallow to think all you need is provision when this can be lost in an instant. Building a family that last is based on so much more in pursuit of becoming one with the body of Christ.

Here a few scriptures without added words for you to receive what’s necessary for your home. This series will have 4 scripture at a time, feel free to seek more information by looking up each of them and reading the scripture surrounding each.

“Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you. Rejoice in the wife of your youth.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭5:18‬ ‭NLT‬‬

“Didn’t the Lord make you one with your wife? In body and spirit you are his. And what does he want? Godly children from your union. So guard your heart; remain loyal to the wife of your youth.”
‭‭Malachi‬ ‭2:15‬ ‭NLT‬‬

“Don’t let the excitement of youth cause you to forget your Creator. Honor him in your youth before you grow old and say, “Life is not pleasant anymore.””
‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭12:1‬ ‭NLT‬‬

“May he restore your youth and care for you in your old age. For he is the son of your daughter-in-law who loves you and has been better to you than seven sons!””
‭‭Ruth‬ ‭4:15‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Hopefully these words are a blessing to those who are called to build a family, those seeking what to look for in a partner, those who need direction in leading their home to be on firm foundation , and for those who want to give life to their home arms and not use the folly words that plant the seed of division in their home. Speak words of life in your home.

Foundation key.

Kidstrive to be rooted in a tree that is one.

Keeping our children safe.

Protecting the light. Light is void of darkness

How can we convince our children that the rules we have are there to keep them safe?

Is there something we could say, or do, or maybe we have lost something ourselves and are in need of direction? Right, what do we know if we don’t know the Truth.

Should we tell them to listen to us because we love them. What about what their friends say? Do we do it by stating or explaining what laws are and agents assigned to help enforce that law in our society will cover us all? Do we plead with them or by giving them all the desires they have and they ones they muster in their hearts? This list can go on for a long time…. and is any of it affective consistently. Demonstration of the effectiveness of a united, collective system walking out the Law in each and ever family is the only way we can ensure safety to the foundation. Just like we are loved that we inherit a beautiful planet/home that was created in a system with all that it needs, void of nothing and shielded from the darkness. So we should create and maintain the foundation of family we received so our children can inherit a world filled with life and growth.

This is only a theory, if we teach that the law is there to maintain foundation principles in a society not to win our personal agenda cases. They are there because the people we love, we protect. Through love, love flourishes and then radiates to penetrate the heart / subconscious mind of another in order to do it all again. This precious love filled with the truth, and void of contaminants that lead a society in the wrong direction. Things that are anti to truth and love breeds lies that are dangerous to life, purpose and our identities and that of our children. darkness being the absence of light has no power over light but yet still wants to participate in light knowing that it could never be light. Parents allow the light to fill your home keeping darkness at bay. It has no power here.

Instead teach them to be agents of the one true Teacher. Kidstrive to perpetuate love and life from one family to another so that no one should be in the darkness, absent of light. All worthy of a chance to be welcomed.

How can water carve with its power but be contaminated with a drop of ink. And then there is hope.

Words in contrast and association for the family to get understanding

  • Faith and Fear – Peace
  • Truth and lies – justice
  • Honor, respect and glory
  • Wise and Foolish
  • Knowledge, understanding and wisdom
  • Will and Self control.

Be aware when reviewing, it’s helpful to research these preconceived knowledge and if there is, place it through what the books of the Bible says. The dictionary can serve for cultural and historical context but you may be surprised by the congruence.

Hopefully they serve as good discussion and insight for your family.

Awaiting instruction

Kids can sometimes seem disinterested and not amazed or engaged in getting instruction. It’s more likely they want to be valued for what they do and it to be measured as significant and beneficial. This can be seen when they have something they want to show the people most important to them like a parent, family, teacher or friends.

The interest level of the audience can be crucial when it’s time for a new skill to be demonstrated, so eyes up and dial in!

These moments have significant value and can serve as critical information in identifying passions and gifts. Valuing things they value almost has the ability to serve as equity to cash in when teaching them a complex thing or asking a large task of them.

Getting to know your child and fostering a bond through teaching a new skill can be rewarding for both.

Kidstrive in the right learning environment.

Children and families in service to others.

Can we as parents and families demonstrate work in service to others?

Some ways that may help are:

  • Keeping regulars family meetings discussing service and plans to serve.
  • Volunteer routinely in your community or place of worship even if they can only be present for now as little ones.
  • Refrain from speaking ill about others in your home.
  • Discussing challenges as they appear at school.
  • Make every efforts to put situations and responses through the word of God so they know what’s right and expected.
  • Talk to them about things that hurt them to witness and what solutions could possibly make a difference.
  • Demonstrate eye contact, handshakes and how to love friend sand people encountered.
  • Sign up for group volunteering opportunities to participate as a family.
  • When money is received from gifts or earnings, have them put away a portion for charitable work.
  • Practice writing thank you cards or creating things they made with their hands as a way of saying thanks for gifts received.
  • Have them help around the home even if it’s putting the placemats on the dinner table for all.

These are only a few things but these and many others are ways we can demonstrate giving. It appears to be best implemented early and often as a way of life.

I would love to hear your suggestions on what things you and your family have done.

Kidstrive to serve!

Culturing peace within the home.

Our children and family as a whole should enter the home expecting it to be a place of peace. This peace is freely giving to us by our Heavingly Father.

In order to walk in this peace it has to be cultured into the home through the values, belief and intentionality of the individuals within this system. It starts with the spiritual leader of the home. The person and support tasked with teaching these beliefs and values. Parents must take and hold these expected standards seriously through consistent teaching until it becomes second nature to all that dwell within the home. The values also has to become apparent to those who frequent the residence like, help, Grandparents, Cousins, Aunts and Uncles to name a few. These are not to make anyone uncomfortable but just known expected conduct to those that interact in and throughout your home.

Culturing this peace clearly takes a grounding in identity for all with little to no variance in fundamental beliefs. The goal at minimum should be to have weekly meeting discussing these truths’ as they encounter outside influences. Outside influences can only be regulated by the security of self by the individuals as they leave the home on a day to day basis.

Some examples of the things that can be cultured:

  • Calling or speaking to others outside their given names like: Stupid, curse words intended to degrade another.
  • Profanity in the home.
  • Speaking to others inside and outside the home in ways that are not peacable.
  • Treating others with love, kindness and gentliness.
  • Preferring words that uplift and build up another.
  • Cleanliness geared towords efficiency and accessibility of work in the home.
  • Holding Knowledge as a natural and higher choice over mind numbing consumption.
  • Keeping Understanding as a “guest” in the home and within every conversation.
  • Compassion superior to personal passions. “How can we serve otheres”.
  • Creation as the foundation of work in and from the home.

Culturing peace clearly takes a level of intentionality that has to be agreeed apon by all and grown like a “laboratory culture” within pocket/segments. These positive aspects should be grown within the specific gifts and strengths of the individuals of the home, then shared and expanded through open discussions and praise.

Yes, this and all that surround it can be easier said than done but I have found them to be near impossible to achieve without God at the center. Hoping for all the success within your home and hopeful these words can serve as support. The home is a spot where love and peace should live as we come in to be renewed from the outside. Wisdom and understanding should always be welcomed.

#Kidstrive to be taught how to culture peace within everyspace they enter.

Men devoted to being an active Source and Foundation in the Family.

Unique by nature but rooted to a source

Your role in a child’s life is far more than a provider. Character is deeply tied and tethered.

Our kids today are in need of constant positive affirming words from the parents and specifically their fathers. This concerted stewardship effort seems to have limitless benefits in the encouragement of our little ones positive feelings of security, increased belief in one’s self and a feeling of being part of a whole.

Women are in desperate need of our increased presence in this information age, where our children are being bombarded by messages outside our home.

We can also play a more active roles in our communities by speaking positively into the lives of the kids without access to a Dad or a healthy Fatherly figure.

Please partner with me in being the best Father possible for our Wives, Mother of our children and our community.

Mothers please tell us how we can help from your perspective. My heart goes out to the single men and women currently tasked to this important job on their own. Stay encouraged!

Kidstrive to get a demonstration of who they are based on the loved ones in their lives that are connected to a source.

Identity is one of the principal things that is part of the foundation.

Reading discomfort in children or need for a change. Some potential signs.

Outward defiance with disregard for consequences at minimum.

Wanting to leave seems obvious but it can present in many different ways. A noticeable uneasiness after given instructions along with mood changes, whining, rude behavior and counter arguments can be the immediate response when children and teens are asked to do something they don’t want to do. Here are a few other notable responses:

Seeking soothing activity by rocking themselves, spinning in chairs, frequently getting up.

Expressing boredom or request to leave.

Seeking screen time which can serve as a temporary means of escape. Netflix, video games, social media or calling a friend.

Checking in repeatedly and sometimes wanting to spend time with you.

All forms of cuddling or request for cuddle at seemingly in opportune times.

Hiding behind or behind the leg of a parent.

Most forms of repetitive behavior at specific times.

Head on the desk in swimmers position when work is assigned.

Massive confusion with loud outburst.

These and many more are some ways how kids express discomfort. When children don’t know the words to express how they are really feeling they give us some signals that we have to pay attention too. Understanding these changes in behavior can allow for better outcomes on task assigned. Take a breath and question why the behavior change, think about all that’s going on in the environment that may have triggered the change.

This can be challenging as a parent because of the routine responses that the negative behavior might trigger in you. The timing is typically never good for you or the family. The child’s behavior may amplify based feedback they receive from their behavior.

Kidstrive to be understood and heard without words.

Note this is not a scientific data analysis but more of some observations from a father.

Development – can we play a role that we can change today.

Can anyone tell me what are some of the most crucial words a child can have that effects things like creativity, identity, growth, positive mindset, courage, hope, peace and most affected would be their joy.

The words I am referring are: What, Who, Where and Why!

Our kids wear these words out in one way or another through each and every critical period of their growth and development. These words can be like “kryptonite” to most parents at some point. Have you ever truly pondered the important of these words in language and why the ancient books say that words have the power to create or destroy?

These words are in the middle of almost every decision they make in their growth and hold the answers to all that can go wrong in their worlds’ when they are not answered carefully each and every time.

Few parents may reflect on when they go missing from the tongues of our kids or when they transition from questions filled with wonder to those filled with sadness, disgust, hate, envy, abandonment and fear.

Go ahead and think about the occurrences of the use of these words as they transition from preschool to kindergarten, then to middle and high school, even through college and beyond. Parents our kids are crying for attention in the need to know where did they come from, what can they do and and most importantly why am I here?

Give of yourself only by seeking knowledge and truth above all to serve as a competent resource for our kids. This information is not attained by getting multiple degrees. Knowledge and understanding comes by knowing why you yourself were created by God and diligently seek. The Bible is a good place to start, asking questions as you move through in your quest. Seek direction for the tough questions like, love, kindness, sacrifice, hope, joy, self control. These type of questions are not answered by university or any school for that matter so it’s a good place to cut your teeth in preparation. Be ready to answer all questions your children ask of you.

We as parent are not always able to control the environment a child is raised but we are able to have an awareness about us to make the necessary correction needed by the filling of voids, explanations, guarding what their eyes and ears, sees and hears.

Don’t let any of the negative words starting with D steal from your home, from your children and your legacy. Here are a few: Death, divorce, destruction, deception, divisiveness, disagreements to name a few. Sit up straight and keep your wits about you to be present to answer these and many of the the other questions kids have. They will honor you if you leave no rock unturned to answer these questions. The answers of others will turn up void and ineffective if you answer these with care and without fear. The foul and the foolish will not be able to penetrate their minds much less their hearts. Let’s get courageous and allow the questions of our kids stretch us to be the best spouses, citizens, creators and warriors.

Kidstrive to be at the center of our growth in becoming one. One mind in marriage, one mind in who we are to our families and of one mind in God.

#Get Knowledge, seek understanding like your life depends on it. Do this with humility, thankfulness and with love for all people.

Teen explanation – Changing something that has existed in culture for generations. (Bullying, indifference, abuse, mistreatment or neglect to name a few).

If it makes you angry or upset you may posses the power or the voice to make a difference or impact.

Recognize the depth of the challenge.

Make sure you have understanding of how deeply rooted the negative behavior is in society.

See the perpetrators as fellow human beings.

Focus on bringing the problem to light by noting and humanizing the affected.

Keep deep anger and rage regarding the situation at bay. This should be a priority for many reason but most of all would be to keep communications open.

State the case and help with exposing the consequences of the mistreatment or potentials effects and leave room for feedback from all parties and bystanders if necessary. In a non accusing way in most cases to avoid immediate shaming. Shaming leads to anger and stress not necessarily correction or awareness. Stress hormones affect the ability to effectively process the information presented. Do not express behavioral adjectives or verbs as a nouns.

Kidstrive to love and be loved but first they must be raised in an atmosphere of love and kindness wrapped in hope with consistent examples to know how.

#Kids should be taught to offer, if not offer, demonstrate if not demonstrate, negotiate, if not negotiate their peace. Then they should take their peace and leave with dignity.

#Love is light and hope, hate is darkness, ignorance and despair. They can be saved and changed if their free will is not violated as you would not have onto yourself.