Switching gears as we cross the threshold. This is truly where our wealth lies.

Giving everything has little meaning or value if they don’t know who you are, what drives you, what’s your purpose and where you come from. Last but not least, how did you know your gift and your worth? Who is your source?

Play or work first? How to avoid a sore throat!

Well this can be a tough one for parents especially when kids have had a long grueling week. Our children are master negotiators so watch out for the charm. Cognitively it is not easy for a child to go from watching tv and playing video games so it’s work first for sure. Executive management skills... Continue Reading →

Back to school, meet the teacher.

http://Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash Encourage your kids to make eye contact and handshake as the meet their new teachers. Teacher please express a rough idea of how you plan to get the kids to their goals. Teaching styles and areas of emphasis. Parents make sure to meet all the teachers. Express support and... Continue Reading →

An Analogy between raising kids and dribbling a soccer ball towards the goal.

Negative Principalities / forces tends to rise up in the environment causing children to go against parents will. Like dribbling a soccer ⚽️ ball down the field, it takes a series of gentle taps at first until you as a parent develop the skill to control with bigger taps. The communication between other committed leaders/mentors... Continue Reading →

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