Teen explanation – Changing something that has existed in culture for generations. (Bullying, indifference, abuse, mistreatment or neglect to name a few).

Love is when you see a need to make our world a better place by doing something about it. Greater than Saving one, it’s more powerful to Save two!

Back to school, meet the teacher.

http://Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash Encourage your kids to make eye contact and handshake as the meet their new teachers. Teacher please express a rough idea of how you plan to get the kids to their goals. Teaching styles and areas of emphasis. Parents make sure to meet all the teachers. Express support and... Continue Reading →

Concrete ways to build the family on a rock solid foundation. Ultimately too precious for anything less.

This is not an all encompassing list. These can be contrary to what the world at large thinks, but I strongly believe there are not many alternatives approaches to delivering truths for kids beyond firm belief. Therefore, many if not all of these beliefs or something bearing semblance should be established before your kids materialize... Continue Reading →

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