Becoming a bow

Parents as bow and children as arrow... What kind of bow do you think you are?

Warning about drugs and substance abuse.

Your body houses your future in it. Everything prepared in advance. So protect it and stay firm on your values. Even the ones others deem silly! Friendships are done in close quarters across long journeys. Be identified by your joy and fixed in your beliefs, humble in the presence of those truly in need but... Continue Reading →

Songs lyrics a family should discuss. Why are they so powerful?

Some songs to read and discuss with your family even if the music does not move you. First see why your logic of your choice may not be sound but they are your responsibility to love and raisehow you see fit. Parents please consider the intensity of messages that comes at our children. No one... Continue Reading →

Activities a family must find time to do together

Meal time - Breakfast, lunch and dinner without the intrusion of digital devices. Apply routines that would allow the kids telling a story or expressing a gift that they might have. Example: Singing, Dancing, Math Equation they are able to solve and explain, story telling, rapping, silent expression. All ages (Including Grandparents if possible) Planting... Continue Reading →

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