Words, concepts and phrases for the family to understand.

Keep knowledge in the home that you know to be good, truth, and that demonstrate love.

Unlocking gifts of a child.

Speak words of encouragement and engagement for the specific things they do well. Speak words of knowledge and understanding for all things and especially the things they don’t know or understand. Belief in themselves through knowing who they are, where the came from and who came before them. And so much more.... Elevate to a... Continue Reading →

Releasing the trapped genius! How to get a child in the process of flow leading to true mastery.

Praise - Get understanding about what praise they respond to best. Any praise that stimulates the senses may be enough but if your child has difficulty with focus more maybe needed along with multi sense activation. For example, one kid, saying a timely but simple “good job or nice work.” In fact it can serve... Continue Reading →

What happens when the thoughts turns into habits and then to character.

What habits are they creating. Teach them how to sort out the information coming in or reject the ones that are unwanted. Behind closed doors there is a lot happening and we as parents are the gate keepers or support for the things that make it from conscious to subconscious. How complicated it must be... Continue Reading →

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