Elemental love

Existing as an uncombined chemical element. That’s Webster’s dictionary definition. Our children displays this in the way they love, wrapped in joy and wonder, so deservingly of our protection and devotion. The enthusiasm we bring although rooted in the pure can get tainted by our hurts, fears and pain we sometimes have or are currently experiencing.

The danger here is when we sometimes take up in defense of this love against others that love the child as well. The circles that encapsulates these children all add to a child having all that they need to grow. If you find ourself denying love from the other parent of the child, grand parents, aunts, uncles, teachers, healthcare providers or anyone who expresses genuine care we should look within. Are we denying the love because of a hurt we feel that was done to us by that person? Essentially withholding access to support that another may be willing to offer.

Care is an aspect of love similar to correction that is essential in the growth of a child. Don’t get me wrong in acknowledging the role of the parent / primary care giver. The input where another agrees in a matter that is beneficial and aligned with the principles that a child needs should not be denied based solely on a bias. Especially in the case of an individual that is expected to care or has consistently demonstrated that they love the child as well.

Let’s take a good look at ourselves and recognize when we are pushing others away and rejecting love in essence to try and repair something broken. I am aware how challenging these matters can be when children are involved but understand some of what makes a child love so pure. I for one cannot begin to measure it or place a value on it to tag it for compensation. In fact no one can. This is a humble opinion that what if love is tied to our purpose, just like flight can be considered the purpose of a bird. Especially in the role of a steward of this special little person over this journey of life. I am taking aback by the gravity of who this little one will become and pray all the paths for them are straight.

Kidstrive to absorb and grow in love in the purest of forms to that charges in the direction of purpose.

Loving union

When a man and woman unite and the two becomes one in the union. Love brings about great miracles spoke into existence since the beginning and all the words spoken created yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Truth – Children are a blessing and when we unite in union, we are to come into agreement to the purposes our Heavenly Father has for His children.

“Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really know me, you will know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.””
‭‭John‬ ‭14:6-7‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Law – Children are seeking direction in the way they should go. We are are taught to pass the laws from our Heavenly Father to our children so they can pass it to their children. In his commandments instructions are given to our children, let’s point them towards it and don’t abandon it. We must draw near so so we can demonstrate for our children.

Culture – It’s the atmosphere and environment that our children are subjected too. The invitation of peace and truth has been given to us. Parents, please be aware of the cultural messages that come at our children from all sides. Oneness is a must for our children anything else is too costly.

The events in the news has shown us the power of an atmosphere. My condolences for those who lost their lives. Let us teach our children the truth because there is only one. We are only made in one image.


Blueprints on how to build a home to completion through, knowledge, understanding amd wisdom.

Attached to the source in order to yield good fruit.

How can we find the one to partner with in building a home on firm foundation? Although it may be important, it is not enough to place your faith on the ability to provide. Despite what society tells us it may be shallow to think all you need is provision when this can be lost in an instant. Building a family that last is based on so much more in pursuit of becoming one with the body of Christ.

Here a few scriptures without added words for you to receive what’s necessary for your home. This series will have 4 scripture at a time, feel free to seek more information by looking up each of them and reading the scripture surrounding each.

“Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you. Rejoice in the wife of your youth.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭5:18‬ ‭NLT‬‬

“Didn’t the Lord make you one with your wife? In body and spirit you are his. And what does he want? Godly children from your union. So guard your heart; remain loyal to the wife of your youth.”
‭‭Malachi‬ ‭2:15‬ ‭NLT‬‬

“Don’t let the excitement of youth cause you to forget your Creator. Honor him in your youth before you grow old and say, “Life is not pleasant anymore.””
‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭12:1‬ ‭NLT‬‬

“May he restore your youth and care for you in your old age. For he is the son of your daughter-in-law who loves you and has been better to you than seven sons!””
‭‭Ruth‬ ‭4:15‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Hopefully these words are a blessing to those who are called to build a family, those seeking what to look for in a partner, those who need direction in leading their home to be on firm foundation , and for those who want to give life to their home arms and not use the folly words that plant the seed of division in their home. Speak words of life in your home.

Foundation key.

Kidstrive to be rooted in a tree that is one.

10 Questions like a child.

Is/Why/What/How/When/Who …… love the only form of restoration for all thing to it’s original state?

Should we be conserved when children are unable to express joy?

Do all things in our world pass through some form of darkness to become light?

What does it mean to have a will?

If parents are divided what becomes of the things they produce?

Should a society be dynamic or should it be in the constraints of law?

Do words hold the power to create or destroy our worlds. Is their only one?

What is a medium; water, air, soil, our souls?

Can you truly chain the mind of another, or better question does access have to be granted by our hearts first?

Expected hope

Kidstrive to know is the path to understanding.


Gather your family and teach them the truth even when it’s uncomfortable. Family devotion and time together to know our Father’s word are critically important. It is essential for the devolpment of our children as well as ours. So hold your family close to introduce, expose, guide, demonstrate Jesus to your family so our children can witness first hand how much we as parents depend on our Heavenly Father.

Is it that the more we avoid the truth, we believe everything else?

Having been a husband and parent for some time now, I know that I am a mere steward for my family and that I surrender it all to Him.

Are you looking for a positive change in your family?

Kidstrive Blog.

Attempting to answer the questions of a child, with love.

We are all children when attempting to navigate complex questions in our world.

My condolences for all who have lost and experience pain through our current challenges.

In an attempt to formulate an answer to the image above:

Because the hardest thing to do is to change a persons mind. You have to convince and possibly demonstrate why they should leave that ism (system/construct) and enter/forge a new one based in truth which deals in value. How do you make this a value to another.

And all of this has to be done in love.

Being Real makes a person stand their ground which have lead to wars. They then never really accept it in their hearts.
It’s not something you can force on a person.

Why or how does a person take a position such as this?

Because as free beings we get to choose. Those choices can be corrupted by the world and some environments we find ourselves. The ugliness that stems from that is dark. The only thing to extinguishes darkness is light 💡.

Jesus is, and is the only one who has explained my heart and yours. It’s the only way to avoid hate that is part of the thing that corrupts a heart. We are unable to mange hate. History has proven that…….

Kidstrive to move out of negative constructs and into the Kingdom.

Love emerging on its journey to merging to complete.

Pixabay image
  • It’s consistently looking for ways to bring and maintain Joy within his or her home that overflows, spills out and cannot be contained.
  • It’s respecting others not for what they do or don’t do; its doing solely for who they are in a commitment.
  • Enduring all trials and tribulations because of your agreement.
  • Looking upon another and recognizing the love that’s within is pure and worthy to die to protect.
  • Putting asides feelings that do not originate from truth because there is only One. Serving as a Stewart to help guide as the person gets ready to soar in there assigned purpose.
  • Disciplining in love, not by what we feel to be right but sourced from and with Grace and Truth. Holding the values close to your heart to ready it for handing it to another.
  • Speaking words of life, hope and love to all you encounter with the courage to stand up, stop and correct wickedness done to others.
  • Allowing love to reign through every stage of growth and navigation of the desires of the heart.
  • Forming partnership in an ultimate collaborative atmosphere void of envy, bragging and strife.
  • Preparing little ones with the respect and duty to the spirit within, serving as a gentle guide and protector of pure innocence.
  • Giving generously while taking prudent steps that can and will be applied tomorrow.

Kidstrive to know the truth about love and who it rest in.

Children and families in service to others.

Can we as parents and families demonstrate work in service to others?

Some ways that may help are:

  • Keeping regulars family meetings discussing service and plans to serve.
  • Volunteer routinely in your community or place of worship even if they can only be present for now as little ones.
  • Refrain from speaking ill about others in your home.
  • Discussing challenges as they appear at school.
  • Make every efforts to put situations and responses through the word of God so they know what’s right and expected.
  • Talk to them about things that hurt them to witness and what solutions could possibly make a difference.
  • Demonstrate eye contact, handshakes and how to love friend sand people encountered.
  • Sign up for group volunteering opportunities to participate as a family.
  • When money is received from gifts or earnings, have them put away a portion for charitable work.
  • Practice writing thank you cards or creating things they made with their hands as a way of saying thanks for gifts received.
  • Have them help around the home even if it’s putting the placemats on the dinner table for all.

These are only a few things but these and many others are ways we can demonstrate giving. It appears to be best implemented early and often as a way of life.

I would love to hear your suggestions on what things you and your family have done.

Kidstrive to serve!

Hold her close with a firm bow, pressed against your cheek. (Repost, reminder to the Dad)

Develop this arrow with the finest care so when you shoot it off it flys far, straight and with a graceful silence to hit the mark of the bulls eye.

  • Hold her close while you give her a bath.
  • Hold her close while feeding her.
  • Speak to her before she understands.
  • Speak into the dreams that you have for her life so it may be multiplied.
  • Hug her daily even when hugs aren’t cool.
  • Hug her even when she forgets.
  • Let her lay on you still like days of old.
  • Let her have one more “piggie back ride.”
  • Hold her mother long enough so she can see.
  • Kiss her so that she can hear the affection.
  • The love from her Dad should be her first love that demonstrates how she should be treated, unmatched.
  • Tell her that she is more beautiful than words can say then find some that accurately conveys what’s in your heart.
  • Look into her eyes so she won’t forget.
  • Arrive early so she sees you in the stands.
  • Make her room like a princess’s.
  • Demonstrate the importance of vows and commitment as noted in scripture.
  • Teach about the strength of a union that no one can divide, and the power of two or more that agree if she chooses to have a family of her own or if she walks alone.
  • Give her a belief that she can do all things and her family will be there to catch her if she falls.
  • Spare no expense for her to have understanding.
  • Arrive home so she can hold you with the warmest of hugs, yet feel the strength of your arms as you lift her.
  • Let your beard tickle her cheeks so she can know your cologne.
  • Be thankful her for her strength and comfort her when she is weak.
  • Share with her skills you have learned on your journey.
  • Give the wealth of your wisdom so you better start gathering.

Our daughter need to have no doubt what a father should be. There are too many books in the library to learn from but very few good ones. Teach how to wait until good books are published by being near to a good one on a mission.

Children hear our voices in their heads and uses that voice as a guiding force as they grow, be conscious and of a sober mind when you speak words into their lives.

Giving her your all has little to do with how much things you can provide with a monetary value. Focus on the things that last a lifetime and even more so on things that have value in eternity that no man can value or devalue like faith, peace and the ability find it in any circumstance.

Demonstrate unconditional love, understanding and how to seek it, kindness, goodness, joy, charity for others and a heart for others, how to give a handshake and make eye contact when necessary, how to stand alone or how to stand with a partner in a union in the eyes of God, forgiveness, enduring long suffering with purpose and goals in view. Watching her grow is a blessing and her success is something to witness with all glory to our Heavenly Father.

Kidstrive to make the choices that are fulfilling and last a lifetime.

#If she is to walk with any man, make sure he is a greater man than you, one who is willing to die for her, willing to provide for her if she ever can’t, treat her like a queen as you treat her as your princess. How great are you? Rise to the challenge and make sure the man that approaches with the thought is humbled and possesses only one fear.

Showing gratitude for small wins

Kids need to know what they do matters. They at times have similar insecurities adults face. A kind word, appreciation, simple thank you can go a long way.

Some children can have difficulty holding a series of task as they learn to juggle. We need to be mindful of this and open to conversations about what they do. Expressing gratitude for the completed task seems to be as valuable as thanking them along the road of progress. Lifting their spirits after a successful task, day or week can sometime be the rocket fuel needed. And from my experience the specific attention can have the biggest impact coming from specific person. Sometime it can be a Mom or Dad, a sibling, a friend, a teacher or from anyone they honor. Let’s look for an opportunity to celebrate our young one with love .

How did you celebrate 🎊 a first step, a first word, a first day of school. Let’s find our joy and watch them run/sprint to the goals set forth that can be passed to another like a baton.

Kidstrive to be and encouraged on the right path.

Shooting Arrows (updated)

Children carry our DNA and that’s not even the half of it. What they carry in essence are an essential part of what it means to be human!

Kidstrive to honor their parents and serve their purpose by perpetual proliferation of the love they received multiplied.

Training today for Tomorrow.

Kids need adults to shield and protect them as they grow. This is an understanding known by all that love kids and have some of their own. The hope for tomorrow is also tremendously important when raising kids. As we demonstrate skills for survival as well as skills based on their interest and the built in abilities present in each child, we prepare them for the future by doing training reps in the present. For example, if a child is really good with numbers, give them greater ability in the world of accounting. (Balancing, deduction, principle, investment) If a child has a perpensity for service, let them serve others through volunteering and outreach.

Putting any two skills you think they might be good at could lead to the unleashing of a gift. If you can identify two more things that you perform and demonstrate daily that they can see, they could possibly do great things fairly early. They will show the ability to go out and complete complex task if you send them in that direction. Staying attentive to the basic underlining skills that pop almost naturally is a great place to start a child. They are typically successful in that thing and the success builds confidence the confidence defuses complexity and fosters endurance. Keep shooting them in that direction adding skills to the things they perform well and you will build skills that will never leave them in the future.

When all these things are applied coupled with positive words and affirmations in and from those that love that child, hope in tomorrow develops. Planning and discipline seems to increase as a result.

Test these things on your children or children under your care and watch their character build. I would love to hear your feedback if you believe these things could work.

#Kidstrive for hope in tomorrow!