Showing gratitude for small wins

What are some of the necessary things for growth in our children. Explore the idea of giving feedback with love and kindness to support positive direction.

Training today for Tomorrow.

Kids need adults to shield and protect them as they grow. This is an understanding known by all that love kids and have some of their own. The hope for tomorrow is also tremendously important when raising kids. As we demonstrate skills for survival as well as skills based on their interest and the built... Continue Reading →

Unlocking gifts of a child.

Speak words of encouragement and engagement for the specific things they do well. Speak words of knowledge and understanding for all things and especially the things they don’t know or understand. Belief in themselves through knowing who they are, where the came from and who came before them. And so much more.... Elevate to a... Continue Reading →

Readying for flight

Walking through the forest of life, putting order to things and creating a spot. The elements placed strategically to promote endurance, courage and purpose through the onslaught of tests. The journey filled with love and laughter, sorrow and pain. We are to be thankful in the midst because this is the energy necessary to draw... Continue Reading →

What happens when the thoughts turns into habits and then to character.

What habits are they creating. Teach them how to sort out the information coming in or reject the ones that are unwanted. Behind closed doors there is a lot happening and we as parents are the gate keepers or support for the things that make it from conscious to subconscious. How complicated it must be... Continue Reading →

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