Mind body and spirit

Continue to keep the words of our God in your homes. Let the children know about the God you so love, let there be no doubt about what to do when one encounters feeling of fear, lacking hope, or discouraged. Prepare them for the troubles of the day by teaching them to rest in Jesus.... Continue Reading →

Who’s right? Better yet who are we without?

Are we suppose to manager anger with wickedness, sadness with constant separation, plenty with hoarding, wanting with taking what is not ours, desire with going their own way and seeking counsel of their peers with the same desire? Please watch what you approve of your child and teen. There is correction in love and not... Continue Reading →

Do not forsake

Please do not forsake teaching and instructing our children. Passing the word of God to our children, making sure that it is on our lips and fills our home is the best thing we can do for our little ones. There is life and hope in the word. Jesus you are our source.

How do we parent?

Are we the same? Will we see things the same way? Are we saying the same things just differently. I have prayed, sought council, explained and discussed approaches to parenting. Much of the things we can agree on, and others we see differently. Things like allowing a child to miss school due to illness, purchase... Continue Reading →

What’s important? How do we keep God’s word in our home

Are we asking too much of our little ones in reading the word daily. Every morning we make sure they brush their teeth, eat and go to school? How much more emphasis should we place on them reading, knowing and living the word? Do we need to do these things in order to request it... Continue Reading →

Steadfast in the hope for children

Remain diligent in hope for our children and youth. Let us fill our home with God’s word and live in demonstration of Jesus’s grace for us as we go out and come in. Our hope is first in the power of the resurrection of Jesus and in his love. Stay without ceasing for deliverance of... Continue Reading →

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