Read the words upon waking and in your rest. In your going and your coming. In your joy and sadness. During your trials and when your path is clear. Keep it in your home…

Our children and in fact our family is moving through a world that can appears to be busier than ever. Do not let them leave without the word in their hearts. Maybe start with you/us first and make the word a priority in our daily walk. So in our request we can have concrete solutions […]

How to avoid anger as men? What should we do as Dad’s and Husbands given the roles we have been assigned.

So many questions? How do I consistently be gentle with the ones I love, treating them with gentleness and humility as I would a neighbor, client, friend, colleague. Am I even gentle there? How do I become a peacemaker in every situation and in all aspects of my life. Does it start with me striving […]

Words for the family

Peace Perseverance Light Law Abstain Author Youth Yolk Never New Obtain Offering Waver Wonder Open the word together. Search the terms together and aim for agreement as you approach the verses that they are used in and chapter of the books. Take turns reading verses in the search. Search the scripture when you would like […]

Like a detective gathering evidence in what appear to be a straight forward case racing towards serving justice.

Look at the trees, the animals, the rivers, the ocean and just any and all systems even the one of our galaxy. Moving strategically towards its purpose with precision even when it does not appear to be accurate because I cannot trace it’s parts. This is too big for my understanding as oxygen keeps us […]