As a Dad

My hope is to be gentle. The children and child that I love that I must discipline at times. I pray for understanding to teach and instruct the truth about Christ. Help me be self controlled in all things in order that my words and deeds demonstrate the love of Christ. My wife to whom […]


How do we take the lowly place when the one your trying to reach is at a low place in desperate need of a friend. This is a word used so loosely when it’s depth is not measurable. Kindness maybe best demonstrated when you believe the other is not worthy of it. Giving such kindness […]


How do you shoot an arrow? The bow, should be stable in its frame but not so hard that it’s unable to bend. I would like to know that it shot a few arrows successfully before at varying distances. I imagine that the tools be synergistic in the unified mission assigned with a readiness. The […]

Read the words upon waking and in your rest. In your going and your coming. In your joy and sadness. During your trials and when your path is clear. Keep it in your home…

Our children and in fact our family is moving through a world that can appears to be busier than ever. Do not let them leave without the word in their hearts. Maybe start with you/us first and make the word a priority in our daily walk. So in our request we can have concrete solutions […]