Opportunity for guidance…

Our youth and teens are in need of opportunity to be lead. They need to be tested like arrows in preparation for flight. The values you/we instill through the word may need opportunity in youth to be tested. Opportunities of service, opportunities in showing mercy, opportunity in humility, those in forgiveness, those in demonstrating opportunities to be salt an light in the world. These and many others serve in growth as they share the good news to others as they move through the environments there in.

Readiness in these things start with our demonstration to them as we greet our neighbors, how we steward our neighborhood, move through our business dealings, how we treat the less fortunate, and love others as we share light and love through Christ within us. The virtues of 2nd Peter 3-8 that confirm one’s our calling and election.

These are the lessons that serve our families in ways that aid in hope, love and faith. Lessons taught to them in preparation needs covering in its execution and with affirming guidance filled with love. My hope is that these words serve to encourage you as we navigate our growth as parents in giving direction to our children.

Let kindle the faith of one another.


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