Let’s not forsake the Word! Character is as defined in the dictionary with words like personality, disposition, makeup, essence, spirit, complexion, ethos, mold, cast, persona, tone, turn of mind, temperament and so many others.

Our children need to be able to access the word from our lips, in the home, in our actions, in devotions, and for themselves. Please read the word with your family and introduce the amazing characters of the Bible. I cannot do the words justice in my description because in it there is life. Characters like David, Samsun, Ruth, Mary, Boaz, Peter, Paul and so many more point to characteristic and personality that explain what it is to be human. Then there is our Christ Jesus, who demonstrated in perfection how to serve the wonderful will of God and walk in perfect unity with the Heavenly Father as One. He lived, subjected himself to death for our sin and rose from the grave.

I pray that these words find you in faith, hope and love in the body of Christ as we pray to be one with Him through sanctification. Let’s keep pointing our children to the word as the source of life to which it is, through demonstration in word and deeds.

I pray that my words only serve to point to the source and not add anything to the truth that is the word. In the precious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.


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