What’s our time worth?

As a parent, it may be possible to gain some insight as we pray to survive the experience as long as possible.

Giving of ourselves to others may be a good demonstration of love. Yes, gifts can be nice but isn’t it fulfilling to meet the need of another at the right time, with little to no regard of if one is deserving of it. I imagine this is one of the ways Jesus shows his love for me. I have to intentionally be selfless in order to be in service to someone else at times. Submitting to the level of presence and commitment needed to truly be of assistance. At time it can feel like it takes all of me, void of distractions both mentally and physically.

So lets keep ourselves connected to the word of God in order to encourage and keep them connected to the word as they grow because the distractions are all around. The things cannot become greater than the One who has given it all for us. How do we teach this other than going to the source and applying what we learned by the way we live in the presence of our children and all.

My hope is that these words find you well on your journey, filled with hope, faith and love in Christ.

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