Requesting the presence of our children

It starts with me! Am I present and ready to be seen by Jesus my Lord and savior who see it all? Am I leading with love, which I know because I was first loved by him? Spending time with the Heavenly Father means that we present and surrender our hearts, all of our being to God.

Our minds can sometimes go a mile a minute chasing after, repairing and thinking of so many things. It’s not on my own strength I do the things I need to do for others and for God, but by the Spirit of the Lord that dwells in me. Being there for my children, family and the ones that are placed in my life is a precious gift that I cherish and hope to do well by. Am I a bow as of yet? Have I the knowledge and understanding to discern what’s good and pleasing to Jesus without surrendering and truly knowing who He is? Have I asked for the wisdom necessary to serve and reach others on his behalf with love?

Our children need these things to be demonstrated by us first, so that they may desire to follow in what’s right, having received it from the word. In my inadequacy I seek your face to know what you expect from me in serving my children. Please give me wisdom! Please allow me the patience and gentleness wrapped in love necessary to be present for them, so that they may be present in the things of you as they grow, able to excite the will you have for them. Let not my words

I hope these words finds you well and are helpful to you as we hope in love for our families and the ones we serve. Let us be salt and light onto others.

“Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”
‭‭Colossians‬ ‭4:6‬ ‭NIV‬‬

““Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness, how can you make it salty again? Have salt among yourselves, and be at peace with each other.””
‭‭Mark‬ ‭9:50‬ ‭NIV‬‬

“Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or turn away from them.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭4:5‬ ‭NIV‬‬

“My flesh trembles in fear of you; I stand in awe of your laws.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭119:120‬ ‭NIV‬‬


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