What’s most important.


The importance of education appears to have played a role in the growth in many countries across the world. The system of education has become a possible indicator in relation to income . The perceived success has left all other paths to success less comparable. I have noticed that a family’s energy that is poured into the system has reached levels that I could not have dreamed.

This system in which I myself is currently a part of can serve many and has done so. The concern is that the family is being pulled in many directions that the highest priorities can be misplaced or placed lower. This brings concern at what this can cost us. I can only speak from my perspective but I know we have to take an account what we pour our all into in effort or attempt to grow and create security for our families. Is this ours to even claim? I believe it’s not, but I leave you to decide for yourself. The ability for a family to spend time in the word together is hardly ever spoken of or shared in various communities. In the realization and actualization that reading the word and following the laws as we get in closer relationship with our Heavenly Father who is the guide to life, who we are and are to become is paramount for a family. As a parent, its because of love I want to share it’s important.

I can only pose this concern in a series of questions as not to force anyone or steer anyone away from what they believe is best for their family:

  • How do we answer the age old questions of who we are, why were we created, where do we come from, what can I do, how do I go about the doing?
  • How do we teach our family right from wrong?
  • Where do morals come from and does ever one have it?
  • What should I rest my identity on, is it the color of my skin, the country I am from or my parents marriage? What happens if any of those are fractured?
  • What’s to stop me when I desire for something that can harm me? How can I overcome that desire?
  • Why does love seem to end at times? Did it end?

These and so many questions like these can be seen in so many different ways depending on who you ask. I only can point to the prophesy, the birth, life, death and resurrection Jesus Christ as a source for the questions you may have for yourself and the family you are a part of and/or may be called to steward. I purposely did not place any number of stories of sadness we don’t have to look for in our experiences, society and nations, but instead I point to the three that remain in faith, hope and love in Jesus’s precious name.

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”
‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭13:13‬ ‭NIV‬‬

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