Marriage is Not a paint by number activity

Please know that you are loved beyond measure. Know that our Heavenly Father is the almighty God and that He wants a relationship with us. The union we make in His sight is sacred. The task to be fruitful and multiply will be done because His word says so. Let us agree that we keep our Lord and savior in the midst letting nothing be hidden. In His blessing we are blessed when we have little ones that look to us for love and demonstration of our love for Christ.

Let us not hurt one another in selfishness, jealousy, rage, anger and so much that can occur when we permit temptation. Remember that what we allow in can be multiplied, so we surrender it all to Jesus. This union allow for two or more of us to continually come into agreement in his presence. So let us walk in His laws and continually keep the words on our lips in our homes in order to demonstrate love for our children. Let us continue to do good work in His name by sharing the good news of Christ so that others may know the name of our Lord Jesus.

Stay in the word for your family so that they never loose hope and are able to have joy and peace in the precious promises.



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