In the eyes of who?

Are we so focused on having washed hands and taking baths? Brushing teeth, and making the bed? Did you clean your room. Make sure you say please and thank you and don’t steal. Did you lie to me and why are you talking back. Don’t do as I do, just do as I say because I am grown. These words can be common place and some words have a time and place. But I cast no judgment on what your household does to help, prepare and protect your family. The better question, is religion and traditions are enough for us, our family and our children?

Giving, covering our children with the armor necessary for the thing they may face or encounter cannot be molded by our hands or purchased with wealth you may posses. They begin with whom you serve or the things you elevate because in that our children take away things for their own life. Keep the word of the Bible within our homes, joining hands to pray, give thanks and to worship with songs hymns and celebration. It is best demonstrated within our marriage and family unions, sharing, and developing our gifts within the body of Christ. Brothers and Sisters please join with me and my house as we believe, let us join hands in Spirit in Christ at the center. Let us not forsake breaking bread with one another and uplifting one another as we seek, knock and finds God’s will for our lives. Dad’s let us approach our families with the gentleness of Christ, putting on the armor of God for us and our families. We will never be enough by our works no matter how well you can gather or create wealth because these gifts are to be shared. They are given as gifts. Father help my unbelief.

Kidstrive to learn, grow and develop in the body of Christ.


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