Who’s right? Better yet who are we without?

Are we suppose to manager anger with wickedness, sadness with constant separation, plenty with hoarding, wanting with taking what is not ours, desire with going their own way and seeking counsel of their peers with the same desire?

Please watch what you approve of your child and teen. There is correction in love and not just when the danger is evident. Desire for things can drive us to do wrong as well as a child. It must be aligned with morals, values and faithfulness in and given by God. Point our little ones to the word that explains us best and in all truth. Okaying dangerous things like greed in their youth absent of the Bible teaching and the bond which is family wrapped in the hope for a brighter tomorrow in Christ. Our hearts, minds and spirit cannot thrive without Him. I have seen what hopelessness looks like with no anchor when one’s world has be shattered and in need of a savior. Our children are experiencing and living things we did not endure with temptations all around. Lets anchor their roots in sound teaching, teaching that can help them through lack and plenty. Through the problems that cannot be solved by the power of a checkbook and wealth. I desire for our children to see, know and live the truth, a truth filled with hope, love and faith, allowing them to love and live a purpose filled life for Christ.

This is not a forced request on anyone but a message that is free to receive if it speaks to you. Let us be in agreement in Christ. Please don’t forsake our youth and rob them of hope. As parents let ask for help in this, and through these challenging times. Peace and love onto you in Christ.


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