How do we parent?

Are we the same? Will we see things the same way? Are we saying the same things just differently.

I have prayed, sought council, explained and discussed approaches to parenting. Much of the things we can agree on, and others we see differently. Things like allowing a child to miss school due to illness, purchase of clothing and how much of a thing one might put emphasis or focus on. Breaks in routine, can personally be a big one for me because I hold the perspective that rhythm comes with diligent pursuit, while being aware of my personal weakness in this. Allotment of rest or break can sometimes create a new routine of finding a way out and believing we can recover the missed time without additional work output. The counter would be listening to the need due to possible fatigue and allowing for it. It appears the correct approach may come with discernment and agreement. What value is of most important that we are trying to instill. And what gauge do we use to allow for fluctuations in approach.

The challenge with managing desire, passion and the application of gifts is rooted in the purposes. What drives our purpose or where does it reside? There are many ways it can be categorized but one can by all accounts appear to be right. Seeking our answers for such things specifically in regards to our family rest in the plans we believe our Heavenly Father has for our lives and in this I believe we should agree.

Although, as I noted there are at minimum two ways to think of such things. The agreement of the two parents is paramount and should align in what we believe in the word for our home. It’s important that we hear one another in the process but agree on what’s expected for our home.

This was a bit challenging to write and I hope no one takes offense but seeks the answer in the truth that only has one source. Hopefully we can be gentle with one another.


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