How do you shoot an arrow?

The bow, should be stable in its frame but not so hard that it’s unable to bend. I would like to know that it shot a few arrows successfully before at varying distances. I imagine that the tools be synergistic in the unified mission assigned with a readiness. The bow would be stretched a few times checking both string and frame visually, audibly and physically. The aim would be to wipe away any doubt in the bow.

I am no expert but in my mind I imagine drawing the arrow from its quiver. Inspecting its point, the shaft of it and its tail. Naturally I may even compare it to another to discern readiness between the two. Then I would pair the two by seating the tail of the arrow on the string as I move my eyes toward to the handle and the alignment of the hand, bow, string and arrow. Making ready based on a summary of information through my senses, this ultimately may be a small part of what truly occurs as mind body and spirit is synchronized to perform an action. All glory and honor to Jesus.

Join me as someone who explores the simple actions and looking for the blessing in each opportunity to serve another that all points to Jesus.

Our children are a gift from God. Keep the word near as we help uncover their gift in relation to their purpose in the body of Christ. Heavenly Father please ready me and my children identify our purpose in your will. Let my love and submission to you and your authority be demonstrated in my words and actions. Help me in any unbelief that’s in me or that I may hold against my children and fellow man. I submits to you.


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