Steadfast in the hope for children

Remain diligent in hope for our children and youth. Let us fill our home with God’s word and live in demonstration of Jesus’s grace for us as we go out and come in.

Our hope is first in the power of the resurrection of Jesus and in his love. Stay without ceasing for deliverance of our children who have been lost and have gone astray. Our Heavenly Father’s power is without limit and can redeem it all. Teach them the word while they are young so they can rest in it and so that it will not depart from them as the word says. Jesus’s love is everlasting and cannot be measured and it’s by faith we grow in this love.

I pray that the Lord’s will be done in their lives. We ask for forgiveness for the wrong we have done and that of our children. We are so thankful for your love. My hope is that this blesses another and fills them with hope in your name as their cries and petitions for the family are heard. Let non of these words harm another but serve to uplift. In your precious name, Jesus.

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