Peace, rest in our homes.

The day starts early with a ramp up towards a blistering pace. Pausing to make time for the One above all, deserving of all praise. Embracing your loved ones to know they are known, seen, and cared for. Asking for a clean heart in revenant thankfulness for today. A deep desire to spend a few more quiet moments with our Heavenly Father. Filled with thankfulness for all.

Serving begins with the little ones with pleads pleads for conscious awareness. One step in front of another as we work through the checklist in preparing our bodies. Chasing order with the hope of remembrance of routine. Breathe …. Another brief moment of quiet reflection and contemplation. Wrestling and surrender of all thoughts through submission for examination that sometimes want to overtake positive thoughts of things that a wonderful, true, admirable, noteworthy and lovely.

Saying goodbye to your togetherness for a brief moment, while still connected as the chase begins. A soft embrace, an uplifting word, a kind gesture as you go in different direction with ties that bind with love, hope and peace. As the commute begins, reflecting on planned actions for this day. Peace that surpasses all understanding comes through our Lord Jesus. Let us see the works of our creator in all things and ready ourselves to serve with all that we are…. Thankfulness for our purpose and the breaths, knowing the 20000 plus will not be wasted as the count is not in our control.

What can be in our control is what our mind fixates, meditates and willingly participates in. This track to our hearts needs to be guarded through the One who can truly shield it from the things that can spoil it. Our hearts work as it gives and receives with the need to cleansed so good and pleasing things can poor out from it. These words are meant to uplift and aid you as we begin today.

Be blessed in going out and your coming in….



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