Like a detective gathering evidence in what appear to be a straight forward case racing towards serving justice.

Look at the trees, the animals, the rivers, the ocean and just any and all systems even the one of our galaxy. Moving strategically towards its purpose with precision even when it does not appear to be accurate because I cannot trace it’s parts. This is too big for my understanding as oxygen keeps us alive with every breath with an accuracy and exactness that’s so critical that its taken out of our hands.

Keep the Laws of our Heavenly Father on our lips and in our homes because our bodies are nothing without His love and protection. Jesus is the word and all things flow through him. My life and my families life is in Him. Our moral bodies resilient as it is at times, yet fragile in its nature in need of His covering. My strength even when martial for use is nothing because there will always be someone stronger. Only by His Grace my home, these four wall and the tent of my body and that of my family resides in Him and He within me. Jesus!



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