How to avoid anger as men? What should we do as Dad’s and Husbands given the roles we have been assigned.

So many questions?

  • How do I consistently be gentle with the ones I love, treating them with gentleness and humility as I would a neighbor, client, friend, colleague. Am I even gentle there?
  • How do I become a peacemaker in every situation and in all aspects of my life. Does it start with me striving for it, working through works to present myself in that way? Or should it start with a heartfelt invitation.
  • Why can they not see my love at times as a Dad, Manager, executive or lay worker when correcting another. Is it because they are taking me for granted? No. Is it because that is not love and more like selfish ambition? Love is ……. Help me understand the book of Corinthians and your love poured out.
  • What is provision worth when no one imagines what it would be like when in lack. What if they never experienced it? Is it in the way I serve others in need and making sure my family value the work of serving others less fortunate than ourselves expecting nothing in return. Just as I expect nothing in return for serving my family? Humility?
  • How do I manage desire that leads to lust? Is it in my wanting what my eyes see? Are they even telling me the truth at this point, or is the wanting driving it all. I surrender it all to you Jesus so that I be made clean and whole. Heal me from the things / systems that corrupts my heart to make me unbeliever.
  • So many more questions. I hope we seek the plans He has for us in His words. I have to stop this one here.



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