Preparing for assignments both large and small.

Give clear objectives and expectations directly tied to biblical truth for their role in the adventure or task. Teach them to seek council from those who are versed in biblical truth to complete the assignment with us as parents hopefully as the primary. Commend moments that are praise worthy, honorable, true and other values found in scriptures. Start early by giving awareness that even though they are allowed to ask for things, only a select request will have a favorable outcome. The growth of faith in Jesus, via 2nd Peter NLT starting from the top to aid in the direction for their lives. Help them seek your correction in the things they do with a desire for your input that’s done in love.

This is a challenge for most parents. Asking questions like are they ready for daycare, school, college and beyond. It starts with a series of test and practice test early on within your home where your actions. These test should be lead with clear instructions that sounds something like this.. Little one ( insert name ), we are going to the store (insert name) to buy a few things (or specific things) for …. Be clear if there is a treat or no treat for them in advance and secure agreement as soon as words form if there is already an association of going out equals a reward. Especially if they have already started to verbally ask for things. The examples we set can sometimes have more influence than words even when we think they are not looking. Love and Laws explained in Romans 13 NLT. Please know that all the words I could write will not be able to express it’s importance and urgency so hence my direct points to it and the chapter they are contained in because His word is enough.

The tests should grow in objective, scope and be filled with purpose for serving others. Speaking positive words about who they are, revealing their capabilities through opportunities, exploration and through thankfulness for any gift present or weakness that arise. The act of working with others in an aligned fashion with siblings and others within the home is a good place to start cooperate work in order to accomplish goals.

Family is so precious and I hope these words can be of benefit to you and your family. Some of these words may be in direct conflict with what you know and what you have been taught regarding family. Read the scriptures mentioned and ask for understanding in regards to your own families. Read this entire chapter on family for what the word has to say.
‭‭Colossianss‬ ‭3 NLT‬‬

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