Simple but yet complex. Internally? generated or externally reinforced. Initiated by the things we do or forced upon us by another? Does laws protect you from shame or if done onto us, is it due to another breaking the law? Let’s look at the first book of the Bible for its meaning.

Please help the little ones with the values and laws that preserve life. The things we ought not to touch can start rooted from the things we see and then desire, reinforced with passion and executed through the eagerness. Family is an important component for the introduction to the word of God. Let’s keep it on our lips as parents. Teach it’s importance by the obedience in our own lives.

Something introduced in a culture can corrupt the best of persons which is why we need our savior and his grace. We cannot love all things especially when it stemmed from corruption. Guarding the fragility of our hearts starts from within through Christ.

My love goes out to all and hope this is received with the love that can endure all things, even the most challenging ones a family may encounter. His grace is sufficient.

Kidstrive for family building better community.


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