In flight

Give them belief in themselves as they fly towards the targets set forth. Encourage the little ones with words of encouragement as they pursue the goal. Correct them always in love as to demonstrate that they are loved and cared for by you. Stay unified in your love for them as to avoid conflict within themselves as to who they are. Praise the things that are commendable, noble, true and the things that show deep regards for others and in service to Jesus. Dads we must affirm our children so they know without doubt that they are loved by us. Moms keep words of hope as you care for them with all that you are. Let us lead them in fellowship as often and routinely as we can so they will keep the word, the values, and the paths fixed on our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Let’s encourage agreement within our home by demonstrating unified agreement in the pursuit of what is assigned. Moms and Dads, we must follow the instructions and teachings from the Word in who we are called to be to each other and in the raising of our children because there is life in them. Demonstrate light and love in the words we speak and in our actions towards our neighbors, coworkers, bosses, strangers, siblings, family, parents, pastors, preachers, elders, friends and enemies because our children learn from us not only in what is instructed but also in what is observed even when we believe it was hidden. Be mindful that their character appears to be associated with identity in who they are, what they believe and the environment they are in if not guarded.

My hope is that you receive these words in love as I too grow in these as I steward the relationships I am assigned.



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