Love is akin to:

Love is akin to patiently waiting to serve another in something you believe in your heart will bring them joy.

Akin to Pushing past fear to do something kind for another.

Akin to Wrapping presents with gratitude of the ability to provide for your little ones.

Love is akin to truly seeing your parents for the first time after doing the thing they have done for so long, not fully understanding what it took. Grace and favor.

Love is akin to seeing a friend who consistently is in your corner.

Love is akin to getting your kids from school with thoughts of their future and no distractions from that moment.

Love is akin to coming home to a family that loves you unconditionally despite of your flaws.

Love is akin to your child approaching you to see how they can serve you as you recline.

Love is akin to observing your child being gentle to another in need when no one is looking.

Love is akin to the blessing and ability to meet the need of another looking for nothing in return.

Love is like being in the presence of your spouse who you made a promise, with little to no memory of a life without them.

Love is the reverent immense gratitude and thankfulness for our Lord Jesus Christ. For God is love. All glory and honor to you. No words can describe.


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