When our words aren’t enough

For those who tried everything. Please go back to what you knew. Read the stories of Samson, David and Jesus along with so many as it was once read to you. These words are now and forever because they teach God’s laws and love and there is life in them.

Make time to sit together and read or listen or watch as a family. Relate what they believe to be foreign or lacking relevance in their eyes. Dads pick the word up and lead your family with Christ. Mother’s do the same with Christ at the head.

Depression, loss, fear, addiction, identity, anxiety and all others are cleansed through His wonder working power. The fight for our families start with a surrender to Him. I can only show deep understanding and sympathy for what you go through and only hope for breakthrough.

The rejection you may receive from your teens only means we are close to getting their hearts and mind home. Imagine growing a garden we need to prep the environment conducive to growth so let’s continue to give guidance when they need us the most and presence when it feels we are out of things to give. Honor and respect should be given based on position not based on only the things you have done. Leadership cannot be forced, it has to be chosen. Everyone one will follow someone. Where do we place our trust because I am so inadequate on my own. Only with Him I am enough and able to walk with truth.

I hope you find hope in these words in your now or where ever you are at on your personal journey. My hope is that these words find you and yours well.


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