Games to play together

Full conversations should be relational. learning more about each other the longer the two or more are locked in agreeable activity.

One recommendation for connecting with kids is to take turns going down the alphabet and naming things in a category. For example during a 20min or more ride, naming animals or places where everyone in the game take turns answering with a word in the agreed category. This simple game could lead to brief discussion typically void of negative emotions if it begin in a spirit of joy, making efforts to maintain it.

This can be especially valuable when the child or teen is meeting someone new or someone they barely know like a parent who see them briefly or if time has passed. Some won’t give more that yes, no or I don’t know along with some of the other typically responses when the typical questions are asked. This can be an opportunity to demonstrate kindness, knowledge along with insight to complex side conversations that can briefly spin off. Keep and encourage the conversation to stay clear of negative words, controversial or polar points of view. Lean towards agreement on the things that are good. Teams, politics and things of that nature can be polarizing compared to things not built by human hands.

Hope this is helpful and allows for peaceable discussion or at minimum a pleasant interaction.

Keep pressing towards connection family because it’s a fundamental part of growth.


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