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One location to many. How are parent companies guiding branches?

Your little ones character is a major aspect of who they are, so what do others say about you. Can our character go before us. Yes, none of us are perfect but character is something that presents as the default. They are almost, if not impossible to hide character.

Our children are living in a time where their eyes, ears and senses are exposed to all manner of wickedness and evil. Prepare them through exposure to what’s good, true and noble. Allow them to be a part of a group that focuses on achieving positive missions. Give them the opportunity to go to Sunday school, a nearby park, birthday party for other kids and slowly give distance so they may practice and apply the values you taught. Genuine Love for others, kindness, justice, peaceable, honorable, generous, gentleness, helpful, kindness and more.

Be mindful that the diversity of these sort of encounters allow for dynamic opportunities where their character can be demonstrated. The many stories that were introduced of honorable heroes from the Bible allow them to measure their actions against, before, during or post actions. I am not sure what comes to mind when a child is offended, slighted, hurt, lost, alone, abandoned, sick or in pain when they are not exposed to characters, like David, Moses, Samson, Elizabeth, Mary, Jesus and so many others. The reference and examples maybe meaningful to the way they respond in crisis because it may come. The ability to call 911, get help, deescalate tense situations, render aid to another, and being a peaceable person has to be nurtured as they present and developed as the expected character when not easily accessed.

They need us to correct and discipline them in the way of Truth that comes from One Source. Our children would like to know how to recognize, read and respond to the context clues of everyday life so they can get up when knocked down, connect the disconnected, help those in need and remain whole.

I love kids and love to be in a world filled with their joy and innocence. Most adults have no choice but to be better in their presence. The gravity of your actions should become apparent because you do not want to be the individual that could pollute their way of thinking that may cause them to trip. The hope is that we all aspire and develop the character that is honorable in their eyes, with the awareness of our inadequacy in our current state. What do we mean when we say “let’s leave the world in a better place than the way we found it.” The content of their character is at stake!

Be blessed and I pray these words meet you with a gentle heart.


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