Inside the mind, connected to the heart

The thoughts of a man is a battle ground. Wars begin and end there!

I am not sure when it exactly happened but there is sense of surrender that a man has to acquire to stay present and focused on the things that matter. I am not sure when the journey of becoming starts but for me, I feel I was able to recognize it in my ask for wisdom somewhere around 40 as I turned and dove deeper into the true and one and only source. I recognized I was not enough on my own, and had to grow/cultivate the faith necessary to be there for my family, sphere of influence and my community. My thoughts had to change because my addictions lived there. This appears to be common place for men. The story of overcoming is an ongoing story. The addictions that are visible to men can take on countless forms like: money, power, lust, drugs, and more. For some the emotions that get intertwined with these causes stumbling. Surrender of my life to Christ and the life of the ones I steward gave me peace. Men are in desperate need for someone to talk to because so much is held, even when we said much we have said nothing about what’s actually going on inside.

I can only speak of how I found peace because everything and everyone can constantly shift like all things in this earth and beyond. This can be a challenge for men if we try to control the things, things like provision, presence, promises, protection and peace. The inability to control these things causes us to feel like the world is closing in and we have to escape in my humble opinion. The feelings of guilt, shame and inadequacy can and possibly causes men to flee their present.

What I know now for my life is that a relationship without God is one filled with internal turmoil and double mindedness. One filled with the desire to do better and be better but constantly falling short. My Heavenly Father’s laws, love and grace gives me life and subsequently giving me the ability to truly be there for others and fully present in every moment. Full-filled in service to others and not treating people as things or instruments of pleasure. Love is the unmeasurable thing and it only has One source. This all sufficient love that is poured out is all around us and yet it can be unrecognizable to us. The love for my wife, my children, parents, siblings and community that has always been reciprocated but not revealed.

My hope is that younger men ask for wisdom early because our Heavenly Father pours it out in abundance if you ask. To the older men look for opportunities to speak into the lives of others and share the blessings through affirming words that have been so graciously poured to you.

I prayer that these words be a blessing to another.


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