Serving another

Can serving others keep us from the things that makes us ill?

Serving another with determined focus has a weird way of taking us to a place of deep focus where time stands still for a moment and the reward is in completion. This is not easy to achieve is you mind is elsewhere. Those other obligation tied in contracts and that are time sensitive like jobs.

A certain amount of putting one’s self second, even to the point of greatest risk. This leads me to believe we need to seek reaching a place when we are able to approach all needs we are capable of managing with this fever and selflessness that leads to no reward. Seeking to be of value in all areas of our life, stepping forward in confidence when called to do good.

Servant leadership appears to show up when one might have had several rounds of unconditional serving. The courage it takes no longer becomes a factor with just wanting to assist rising above. This system of love has a cleansing effect like how water from the sea rises into the clouds storing up and moving to areas in need of rain. This precious life giving rain pure in its construct.

Kids thrive in this almost naturally and will surprise most in their action when the need arises.


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